Money Transfers

There are many reasons that we may need to transfer money, no matter whether we’re buying goods or services, or whether we would like to send a gift to friends or family. With this being the case, our money transfer systems are perfect for you. With a number of options depending on your needs, you can be certain that we can deal with your money in the best possible way. For more information about your options, simply get in touch with one of our experts today and we would be happy to explain how you can get your money safely from A to B.

Fruit & Veg

Having fresh fruit and veg is always a joy, and thanks to our services we are able to provide this for you. We have a dedicated team who will grow, nurture and harvest our crops, meaning that everything is fresh and ready for you. This can enhance your enjoyment of fruit and veg, so contact us to see exactly what we have to offer.


Start your day off with the smell of the freshly baked bread from our grocery's bakery department. Whether you want donuts, bagels, croissants, or any other baked food, our bakery has something for you. Our friendly and skilled bakery staff can even bake cakes for you and decorate them for your next big family event. Best of all, our team promises that you'll enjoy delicious food when you order from our department, because we value you and your time. Don't ignore your cravings for fresh baked goods, come down to our bakery department today at our store.

Deli Counter

When you are looking for good food but don't want to rely on pre-packaged meats and cheeses, then we have the perfect solution for you. The Deli Counter at your local store is ready to serve you great quality food at a more than fair price. Our deli counter staff will cut your meats and cheeses exactly as you like it so that you can go home satisfied that you're getting your money's worth. Whether you're looking for even slices for sandwiches or small treats for your next social gathering, the deli counter at your local store is the best first step.


When you are craving a good cut of meat, then you owe it to yourself to visit the meat aisle at our store. Whether you are looking for beef, chicken, pork, fish, or any other meat, you can rest assured that our butchers are more than happy to give you a good quality cut every time. Best of all is that our team can even help you with recipes if you are looking for something new to try or simply want to know what foods go great with your selection. But don't take our word for it, come down to visit us and visit our meat department, we're sure that you'll find exactly what you want and more.

Bill Paying Facility

When it's time to pay the bills, you could send it through the mail, but if the post gets delayed then you could face late fees or other problems and the bill collectors may not believe you when you say you paid on time. That's why we have a bill paying facility ready for you. Our team can help you by providing you proof of payment and will ensure that your bills are paid on-time and will help back you up if the collectors claim that you didn't pay your bills with our clear and concise receipts. Don't run the risk of late fees when you can visit us and use our bill paying facility.